5 weeks, 10 flights

I remember sitting in our living room looking through the window – it was sunny. In London.

‘I should do something’ I thought to myself. I took the day off work to spoil myself and it was only 11 am. I really wanted to go for a nice walk or a hike. I remember thinking for a little bit – of all the hills surrounding my parent’s house back home – how I wish I could’ve gone there. I stared for a bit longer, but couldn’t think of a nice place I could go to – not one that is not somewhere I’d have to commute for ages first. I went back to doing something else and neglect the rare sun in London.

Three days later I’m sitting in my parent’s house and it’s sunny (no shock here) – and I finally get to go on that hike. We had stalking kittens following us around through the woods for good 40 minutes, but you know, details. Cute details. 🙂


Anyway, as you might have noticed the title – 5 weeks 10 flights. I go to University in Ljubljana (Slovenia) as well as working on a Level 5 nutritionist diploma in London. They are both working really well together – besides the obvious multiple flights I need to take to attend Uni. But there is also a bit of Amsterdam and Barcelona in that title, so all good. 😉


This weekend we were cooking – they put us in two groups – one cooking, one serving in a restaurant. The restaurant is closed for obvious reasons (we are amateurs-we just started), but I think we did pretty well. We were cooking/baking/making cauliflower soup, “Farmer’s soup”, bread, French salad, prosciutto with melon, tomato with basil and mozzarella, asparagus roast beef, chicken pate with honey and truffles and a steak tartare that was freshly made in front of the client.


I like to share my own recipes, so I won’t be sharing these ones – it wouldn’t be fair. But I will make sure I share some delicious (healthy) recipes after I’m well trained and inspired by cooking and my nutritionist knowledge.

Until then, enjoy the photos and don’t get too hungry… 🙂

Thank you for reading.


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