A Drunken Traveller’s Tale

It’s been a while. I started a new job, we got a new house, we’ve been cleaning up the garden and I’ve tried microwave dinner for the first time. We’ve had lots of ups and hit rock bottom, but mostly it was just too boring to read and write about… Unless you wanted to hear about that time my keyboard changed from Slovenian to English and I could not put together an email. 😉

We have been on quite a few trips, but they were all replaced with a ton of work afterwards and enjoying each other’s company when we possibly could, while trying to have a life. We’ve written the next few blog posts as we traveled, but I haven’t posted them due to not having a lot of time and the Wi-Fi being absolutely rubbish. On top of that we tried to arrange moving into our old house while getting housemates from across the world – not to brag, but we did it. So please, join us on our latest adventure – this one starting with a drunken traveller’s tale. If you’re looking for some history, I’d suggest you close the tab now and join us for the next post. 🙂

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. When me and Dave first started dating, he used to visit Slovenia a lot – every two weeks or so. I remember him catching 7 am flights from Luton and me receiving a message 10 minutes before the flight saying one of the following:

1. “I think I’ll miss it”
2. “I don’t think I can make it”
3. “I was the last person to get on the plane”
4. … and my all time favorite: “They closed the doors and had to drive me there separately”

Anyway, you get the idea.

I, however, worked in tourism so I had to be responsible – be at the airport at least a few hours before the flight, have everything ready, liquids packed away carefully, clothes rolled etc. I have to say Dave changed me for the worst when it comes to that. Together we have… almost missed a flight, missed a train, missed a flight, übered, argued and cried (at this point you think we have a lot of money, but this is the reason we don’t).

Based on those tiny little incidents we have recently decided we will be a lot more responsible when it comes to flights – be at the airport at least 2 hours early, have our boarding passes printed for Dave’s visa check, make sure we eat before we leave (potential snacks and water on the way as well)… Sure, as if that was going to happen. One would think catching a flight at 8 in the morning (mind you that means leaving at 4am) you wouldn’t go out drinking the night before. Well, it was exactly what we did. We made sure we go to the party early, have a few beers and leave at 10 the latest. We had it all planned out. But being at the party at 6pm gives you plenty of time to change your mind and when the clock strikes 10 and the drinks have been finished, going to the shops to grab more beers seemed smarter than going home. We made it home around 1-2 am and set the alarm for 4 am. Being a responsible adult, I even managed to take a shower so there would be no need to do it in the morning. Of course I hadn’t finished packing, because why would I? We’re waking up at 4, that’s plenty of time!

We wake up I’m the morning rested… Too rested. It’s 6:25am and our flight is at 8. Natural response was opening sky scanner and checking how much the next flight would cost – over a 100 each. Over a 100 each is basically saying you might as well try getting to the airport. Somehow I managed to pack and even brush my teeth in 5 minutes while Dave called an Uber. Lucky for us, we got a brilliant driver that got us there in under 50 minutes! Thank you good Sir. We paid to skip the line, caught a million angry looks of people queuing up in the “normal” line and voila – the gate hasn’t even been announced and we were through security. Adulting done right. The flight was probably the shortest one we’ve ever had and soon enough we were in Eindhoven. With no research being done the night before, we thought it would be extremely hard to find our way to the city center, but the bus was just outside the airport with 4 minutes to go and it took us right to the city center. We had one more hour before check in but decided to go check out the hostel instead and as we were walking there the owner opened the gate for us. It has been too lucky and too easy for us so far.


We have booked to stay in a museum. The owner quickly explained it’s actually a container outside the actual museum/house, but we didn’t care too much. We thought it was quite cool. Overall, we were only given 4 options and all were quite expensive. So we went with the alternative looking one. We weren’t quite sure (and still aren’t) of what to think about the museum. The painting’s theme was hope although at times it felt a lot more like hopelessness with faces shouting and staring at you. Mind you, you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night with a face staring at you, let alone a hundred. Anyway, the place was decent, the owner was nice, but the fact that we were alone surrounded by paintings and music from 20’s constantly playing on the radio we felt like being in a bad horror movie. Having a How I Met Your Mother sandwich before surely didn’t help either.


We took a very long nap to make up for the night before and went for a walk around the “city”. It was fairly quiet and the amount of tourists was so small we couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty of the town. Besides being small and quiet, it has even more perks, very much like the rest of Netherlands. While walking down the street we smelt the strong smell of How I Met Your Mother sandwiches and decided to go inside for a sandwich ourselves. The sandwich was good and strong and took our sightseeing into a whole different direction. We kept getting further and further away from the city chasing a monument we never ended up finding. It started to seem dodgier and lonelier and weirder. Dave looked at me and said “Do you feel we are getting too far and should go back?” to which I nodded. In that moment there was a ray of light that made it through the bushes – and it lured us in. It’s like watching a horror movie where the person is obviously going to get killed and you yell at the screen thinking they’re stupid and they still do it (really you hear a creepy sound downstairs, you’re alone and have no weapon, but you still check it out in the dark?). Anyway as it turns out the shiny object was a statue in a beautiful park. You don’t believe me? Here’s a dorky photo to prove it: img_2583 And yes, I did put some glow filter on there to make it look more shiny and tempting. We lied down and enjoyed the aftermath of the sandwich while staring at the clouds passing by…

Overall, it seems as if we only stumbled around in a cloud of haziness, but we have actually seen quite a few beautiful things in Eindhoven – including something I thought was art, but was actually a shop. We tried the traditional Dutch sausage called Rookworst that we ended up buying 5 more times in the following 2 days of being in Netherlands, as well as dragging some home.

After the sightseeing we made our way back to the museum and fell asleep, looking forward to our next day in Amsterdam. We used Flixbus which cost us 5€ each to get us from Eindhoven to Amsterdam. For 5€ and sleeping the whole way there, you can’t really complain. We spent the next day in Amsterdam chilling with my friend while it was pouring outside. You can’t really ask for anything better than starting your holidays doing absolutely nothing…

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  1. This is so funny, you guys crack me up and I love your adventures! Not sure whether I enjoy the personal posts or travel tips more, either way, you are doing it right!

  2. Hi , I do believe this is a fantastic website. You two seem like a great couple, I will be back.

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