Creamy Mussels

Today was a ‘Nastja day’ so I got to relax, learn, write and experiment with food – and boy am I glad I did!

I am a sucker for anything sea food and I have been missing it so much after moving back from Greece and travelling the Mediterranean.

After days of indulging on home made dumplings (we really need to stop making them) it was time for some mussels and the recipe below is something you can match with delicious pasta or some toasted bread. And even if you are not a fan of creamy food, you can take the cream out of the recipe and still have a delicious meal.

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Winter Wonderland

It’s that time of the year again and what better way to get into the festive spirit, but to visit one of European’s biggest Christmas Villages located in the heart of London?

Winter Wonderland has opened it’s gates for the 10th year in a row with even more festive activities for 6 weeks of Christmas fun, bringing a smile to every grim Londoner’s face (that is if they don’t need to use Piccadilly line every day).

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Barbecue Feast

Hey guys!

You may have noticed I have changed the blog a little bit. This week is my last week of work, 2 of my best friends from Canada and Barcelona visited last week and me and Dave are flying off to Amsterdam and Barcelona on Saturday so it has been a bit hectic. Therefore I will have to finish editing all the small little details in Slovenia, where we are going after our travels (to get a bit of vitamin D from the sun – seriously London, it’s not winter anymore). 🙂

From now on you have social buttons – they are in the top right corner, just above language settings. You can also find them under “Social Me” on the right menu. Let me know how you like it! 🙂

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5 weeks, 10 flights

I remember sitting in our living room looking through the window – it was sunny. In London.

‘I should do something’ I thought to myself. I took the day off work to spoil myself and it was only 11 am. I really wanted to go for a nice walk or a hike. I remember thinking for a little bit – of all the hills surrounding my parent’s house back home – how I wish I could’ve gone there. I stared for a bit longer, but couldn’t think of a nice place I could go to – not one that is not somewhere I’d have to commute for ages first. I went back to doing something else and neglect the rare sun in London.

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Healthy, homemade dips

If you are anything like me and need to “hide” vegetables in every possible form of food this will be perfect for you. On a busy schedule, but still trying to eat healthy we love to make different types of healthy dips – we usually have them with carrot sticks during break time, but if you like to ‘mask’ the taste of veggies -that you don’t really like- this does the trick. 🙂

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I’m blue da ba dee ba…

Hey guys! What’s up? 🙂 I’ve been super busy – I’ve changed the colors of the blog myself (I am so proud of myself), though there are some things that I must add, but I have to work on that. Baby steps. I also spent some time by the sea (without any internet at all).  I have to say I loved not having internet, I spend so much time on the computer at work, my eyes are slowly turning really red. 🙁

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Raw cakes… raw cakes everywhere! :-)

Hey there! 🙂

It’s been a busy week and it’s about to get even busier.. The reasons for that are; I have a few more exams that I have to pass (don’t judge, I have twice as many as others), I was away for a few days and I also got a new job which I absolutely love. I love learning new stuff, I love having a job that actually is me and not like other student jobs I’ve done… But it takes a lot of my time and I will be spending most of the days working. That is why I decided that I will only post once a week from now on. Except sometimes when I’ll have more time. I like Fridays so you can guess which day I chose to be the lucky day.. That’s right, Wednesdays. :.D

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What have I been up to?

Hey guys! Greetings from Fara, a small Slovenian villiage on the border of Croatia with 3 roads and 10 houses! Absolutely no bars, no shops in the area or anything.. Anything! But I guess that’s the thing that makes it kinda special. 🙂 Those of you who know me, know I go to University for sports and we are going to spend the next few days here, pretty much doing sports all day.Today, we were climbing, rollerblading, cycling and paddeling on a sit-on-top kayak on the river Kolpa while it was raining (which was really cute if you ask me, but most of my classmates didn’t like it 🙁 ) Unfortunately I do not have any pictures because you usually fall in the water and I didn’t want to risk that. 😀

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Why does everybody hate…

.. BROCCOLI? I actually know the answer to that, everybody was once forced to eat broccoli and I wasn’t. And I kinda hate having to admit this, but I really love it. I tried making everything from it – soups, lasagna, souffle… It’s getting out of hands. It looks horrible though… definitely not like something you would want to eat. I see it more as a bush or a tree. Weird.  😀 I call this the “SALAD” even if that makes absolutely no sense.. 🙂

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Knock, knock…

…Who’s there? Lettuce. Lettuce who? Letucce in and we’ll tell you.

Now that’s a fine example of a bad joke, I am so glad that I can say I did not made this one up. But it is food related, so why not? 😉
Where have I been? I have been saving myself from failing. It sucks. I also decided to move out of my apartment and do something I’ve always wanted, but that’s a story for another time… For now I solemnly swear I am up to no good! Just kidding, I have plenty of good stuff to share with you and I swear I will post so much you will wish I would stop. Not posting for so much time, was also a good thing for me (MUST READ; I promise not to do it again), because some people were really angry with me. I mean REALLY angry. It’s always good to know there are people out there who read your blog.. 🙂

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