One’s On Us: Heddon Street Kitchen

After New Year’s a more than tempting ‘One’s On Us’ offer popped up on Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants and having eaten at Ramsay’s restaurants before we were more than tempted to try it out. Due to a limited amount of time in January, we researched all of the One’s On Us Menus and decided to go with Heddon Street Kitchen & Union Street Cafe.

Before I continue, I would like to point out we have previously eaten at London House, which was absolutely amazing and later at Maze Grill, which I found rather average at most. Nevertheless, I was really excited to visit Heddon Street Kitchen.

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Eating healthy in Greek restaurants

Kalispera from a little island called Naxos in sunny Greece!

We are currently holidaying before we start work in Athens, where we have moved exactly a month ago – so far, we are loving it! The time slowed down, the fuel prices went up, it’s always sunny and the food is great! We also have our own flat for the first time ever after 2 years of living together and not having to share anything with anyone but each other is AMAZING! 🙂 <3

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Leaving London

The time has come for us to leave our summer coats behind and get excited about our future adventures, as we have decided to move out of London and chase the dream of living in another country.

Over the years in London I have seen many people come and go. Whether it was their visa that expired or they wanted to travel or simply experience something else, they always write an amazing “leaving London” Facebook post. I always admired these and I can honestly say I have had a masterpiece or two crafted in my mind when waiting for the Uber to arrive at 3am after having our last night out in London. But suddenly I wake up and unlike what I thought, I can’t remember a word. 🙂

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2017!

I hope you fulfil all the expectations and goals you have for 2017 and put smiles on the faces of everyone you come across!

I am not big on New Year’s resolutions or even NYE itself – people make mistakes and I think making mistakes is a good thing. It means you are challenging yourself, growing, changing, learning, loving and living. 🙂

Happy New Year – I hope it’s an amazing one!

P.S.: Where did you spend your New Year’s? We spent it in front of London Eye watching the fireworks!


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A Drunken Traveller’s Tale

It’s been a while. I started a new job, we got a new house, we’ve been cleaning up the garden and I’ve tried microwave dinner for the first time. We’ve had lots of ups and hit rock bottom, but mostly it was just too boring to read and write about… Unless you wanted to hear about that time my keyboard changed from Slovenian to English and I could not put together an email. 😉

We have been on quite a few trips, but they were all replaced with a ton of work afterwards and enjoying each other’s company when we possibly could, while trying to have a life.

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Barcelona, mi amor

It was 2 years ago when I was contemplating whether to live in Barcelona or London – clearly, London won. Not because of it’s beauty, or it’s energy or it’s people, but simply because of it’s language – being born in a small country such as Slovenia, I wanted to perfect my English as it seems to be very much needed in nowadays world. Needless to say it went horribly wrong, as I now own the dreadful Aussie accent. Looking back, I would never change my decision – because it’s where I met Dave. However, Barcelona remains to be my love, mi amor. 🙂

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Sometimes I really can’t wait to sit down and post an article – like when I manage to cook something really healthy and want to share the recipe, or when I visit a country that has blown me away by its beauty.

However, there are times, when I’m struggling to put my feelings into words. I have promised myself I will always be honest when posting on my blog, whether it’s about food or traveling. With traveling however, we all like different things and have different opinions and I don’t want to change your mind based on my bad/average experience. As you might have guessed by now, I didn’t particularly enjoy Amsterdam. It was fun, I guess, but by day 3 I just wanted to spend the day lying in bed and we kind of forced ourselves to go out “just cause”. It didn’t really feel like being on a holiday at all, it felt more like living in a city you really don’t like. 😀

The good thing is we later went to Barcelona, which I am completely in love with. On top of that, we also spent this morning booking a few things for our trip to Morocco coming up in 3 weeks (<3). If you have any recommendations about things that are a must, please let me know in the comments. We’ve never been to Africa before, so it should be very different and interesting.

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The Greek Ways

11822847_10152943150232056_2426445840523625828_n (1)

Hey guys!

First of all – million and one apologies. I was really looking forward to posting this article, however I was dragged to see Batman v Superman. I am not getting into an argument again, but for me, that was 3 hours of my life I am never getting back (seriously, don’t bother spending your time and money on this). After that, we basically had to do a bit of admin and pack and then we were off to Amsterdam and then later Barcelona. We (*khm* he *khm*) thought it would be a brilliant idea not to take my laptop, but take the Mac instead. Of course the idea was bestonever, seeing it was made in the stone age, doesn’t read my phone, doesn’t read my camera and has a non functioning screen (literally). 😀

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Wandering around Ios

It’s our last day of work and we are heading to Amsterdam and Barcelona in 2 days – super excited. B-)  I will try to post as much as I can, but it all comes down to wi-fi. If I don’t get to post anything. I’m sure I’ll post something on Instagram or Facebook. You can now just click on the button on top right corner or under “social me” and it will take you there. There is also an Instagram feed on the right side of the page. 🙂
But before that it’s Ios time (and not the operating system)! 🙂

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Clear blue sky, salt in my hair, seagulls swooping overhead. Golden sand moving softly around my toes giving me warmth from the sun rays. My face, usually white as a ghost finally turning into that honeyed caramel colour with my sunburnt cheeks shooting out. Watching the waves crashing against the shore I face the breeze, soaking it all in. 
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