Sometimes I really can’t wait to sit down and post an article – like when I manage to cook something really healthy and want to share the recipe, or when I visit a country that has blown me away by its beauty.

However, there are times, when I’m struggling to put my feelings into words. I have promised myself I will always be honest when posting on my blog, whether it’s about food or traveling. With traveling however, we all like different things and have different opinions and I don’t want to change your mind based on my bad/average experience. As you might have guessed by now, I didn’t particularly enjoy Amsterdam. It was fun, I guess, but by day 3 I just wanted to spend the day lying in bed and we kind of forced ourselves to go out “just cause”. It didn’t really feel like being on a holiday at all, it felt more like living in a city you really don’t like. 😀

The good thing is we later went to Barcelona, which I am completely in love with. On top of that, we also spent this morning booking a few things for our trip to Morocco coming up in 3 weeks (<3). If you have any recommendations about things that are a must, please let me know in the comments. We’ve never been to Africa before, so it should be very different and interesting.

We decided to go to Amsterdam using Megabus, as we don’t mind traveling on the bus and more importantly, the tickets were 10GBP (13€). It also has wi-fi, so it made it a bit easier. Unfortunately we realized that way too late haha. We arrived and were greeted by extremely shitty weather. There really is no better way to put it. When you think weather in London is beach appropriate compared to Amsterdam, you know it’s bad. It was raining all the time and it was windy as hell. The wind was perfect for me impersonating Keanu Reeves. The last day the sun came out for a little bit and it was a completely different experience. But still, I wouldn’t blame it on the rain – it was raining in Spain for a bit and it was still beautiful and it is raining in Slovenia as I write this post and it still is beautiful.

When you think weather in London is beach appropriate compared to Amsterdam, you know it’s bad

We walked through the city every single day with my friend that lives there – he showed us basically every church and museum. We walked down the canals, through Jordaan district, we went to the Red light district during the day and during the night, visited a park, visited a brewery, visited a coffee shop, visited basically everything (Anne Frank House was sold out), but we really just didn’t like it. Dave has been there before and he doesn’t mind it, as for me – I utterly dislike it. It has been a while since I haven’t liked a place I traveled to, but it might’ve been the high expectations – I expected it to be this amazing place and I was utterly disappointed.


Public transport is good – you can travel by bus, tram or metro. It’s all included in their OV-chipkaart. You can buy it for 1 hour (2,90€), 24 hours (7,50€) or 48 hours (I think this one was 12,90€). Remember to always check in and out (even on the bus). The bus to the airport runs from 5am on, so you can catch public transport and still catch an early flight.

They do say however there is more bikes than people in Amsterdam, so if the weather is good and you have a chance to, do explore it on the bike (just don’t be that chick that is high as a kite on the bike screaming “I almost died” to a friend over a canal, because she can’t ride a bike).

They do say however there is more bikes than people in Amsterdam

We went to a brewery Brouwerij’t IJ, but it was too busy to have samples, so we just had a few different beers, some cured meats and cheese. It started raining while being sunny, so there was a double rainbow over the canal, which was one of the highlights of this trip, haha. We later bought a “sample package” of 6 beers and they were quite nice.

PicMonkey Collage

The prices of beer were ok, but I found everything else to be quite expensive. Even if you want to have a hamburger it will cost you around 12€, pasta around 20€, which I found to be more expensive than London. And worse as well.

I thought the canals were quite cute, but you could say that about Venice or any other city with canals as well (<- you can see here how I’m struggling to find something I actually liked).

I found the walk down Red light district at night quite interesting – everything looks like shopping for a barbie doll. The girls are naked in their little box (booth), some of them chilling on their phone, some of them interacting with the people looking at them, some having a cigarette and some not giving any F’s at all. They say everyone can find something they like there, as it goes from midgets, to skinny, to cosplay, to Asian, to everything. For me, it was very unusual seeing tourists with little children walking through the alleys surrounded by naked women and weed smoke.


One thing we really loved was the Heineken experience and I would strongly recommend it. We were so sick of Amsterdam by the last day, we just decided to book it without the expectations being too high, but it really was good. First you go through a museum part, where we found out a few interesting things about Heineken we didn’t know before (you really don’t think about things like that when drinking beer). They explain the brewing process,  you go on “a ride” and you get free beers as well (1 small one while tasting, 2 later on). When you’re finished you also get a free canal tour (30 minutes) – make sure you speak to the lady at the end of the souvenir shop! The boat takes you to main Heineken shop where you receive a free gift as well (small beer glass). The ticket costs 16€ if you book it online, including all of the above. The canal tour itself (longer one though) is around 25€. It really is a bargain seeing you get beers as well. 😛 My friend’s flatmate also suggested we go on the roof as you can see Amsterdam from it, but we couldn’t find it. 🙁


That’s basically all I have to say about this trip, honestly. My suggestion to you? Spend your money on something better. Unless you really like weed or hookers. I don’t think Amsterdam would have many tourists visiting without those… As for me I’ll probably never visit again, unless I really have to.

Thank you for reading and sorry for such a negative post.


P.S.: Don’t worry, it gets better after this – Barcelona time 😀
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