Moving to London – The Aussie way

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It appears my blog has been hijacked by the male version of myself.  It took me almost a year and a half to finally mumble out the name of my blog to my other half. I have expected laughter and mocking, but like always he was a perfect gentleman and loved it – not only that, but he decided to write a little something something himself. Smitten as I am, I thought it was absolutely brilliant, but it is the first time he wrote something, so if you think it’s s*it, just remember – I am the one that approves the comments 😉 . However if you do agree it’s brilliant and potentially better than mine, just remember – I am the one that approves the comments. 😉

I’m the other (lesser) half that will contribute to this blog and I wanted to use this chance to introduce myself as I have been told I may be mentioned quite a bit. Hopefully all good things…

Nastja has given you some tips about moving to London from Slovenia and I can tell you that my experience moving from Australia was a bit different.

The experience that I had was a much easier one. Australians usually get a Visa before they come, which is two or five years depending on your ancestry. After they have a few options, either they can sign up with a company, go solo or if you’re lucky you can get a job before you move over. I will go over these options later, but first I want to share with you the first experiences I had moving to London.

“One thing about Aussies is… WE ARE EVERYWHERE. And by everywhere I mean we are like a virus that has plagued Europe”

One thing about Aussies is… WE ARE EVERYWHERE. And by everywhere I mean we are like a virus that has plagued Europe. Our accent is two things: horrible and obvious. You can pick out an Aussie within seconds of walking into the room; they are the ones laughing obnoxiously and telling ridiculous stories. We have a what Nastja likes to call Aydar (Aussie radar) and always find each other. No matter where you go, you will always find an Aussie travelling. We were in the middle of an Austrian salt-mine on Christmas Eve and sure enough I hear a voice right behind me that is crying out like a cockatoo in the morning. This is both comforting and frustrating because when you travel all the way across the world, the best and worst thing you expect is to feel like you’ve just gone to a local pub.

Second thing about London is that she is a cold-hearted female dog. The cold itself isn’t that bad but the people are a lot worse. The tube during peak hour… my toes have more space between them. As Nastja said in her post finding a job and house require a lot of time and work to pay off. I was super casual about finding a place and I’ve made the mistake of having some “holiday” time before I started. Big mistake. If you are not visiting places every single day you will miss out. Plain and simple.

But the best thing about coming to Europe is the travel (besides the obvious – Nastja). I have been to many places and I can get to almost anywhere in Europe in the same time it used to take me to get to work every day. And its sooooo cheap. I mean £8 for Norway, no worries, £25 for Spain, yes please. Just makes sure you book in advance because the prices go up (obviously) when it gets closer.

I have called London home for almost two years now and as much as I have been complaining about it – I love it. I love going to the pub with Aussies drinking piss and talking shit. I love the fast paced life style, I love travelling to work in a can, because that means I will be travelling to a new country at the end of the month. I love coming home at 3pm, watching the sunset as that gives me plenty of time to plan what country I want to wake up in next.

I simply love it all.

Thank you for reading.


And for those of you that are still stuck on drinking piss – it means having a beer.

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