One’s On Us: Heddon Street Kitchen

After New Year’s a more than tempting ‘One’s On Us’ offer popped up on Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants and having eaten at Ramsay’s restaurants before we were more than tempted to try it out. Due to a limited amount of time in January, we researched all of the One’s On Us Menus and decided to go with Heddon Street Kitchen & Union Street Cafe.

Before I continue, I would like to point out we have previously eaten at London House, which was absolutely amazing and later at Maze Grill, which I found rather average at most. Nevertheless, I was really excited to visit Heddon Street Kitchen.

The restaurant is tucked away in a quiet street, just off the always crowded and always buzzing, Regent Street. Although in Central London, the street itself is such a nice quiet surprise and the atmosphere still quite festive.

We were greeted by the staff, who took our jackets and accompanied us to the tables. The staff were well presented, nice and very welcoming. You could definitely tell they are trained to a high standard, but we still sometimes had to wait for a very long time to get their attention.

The ‘One’s On Us’ Menu entails 2 courses for £24 or 3 courses for £28. We decided to go with a 3 course meal and on top of that, we also ordered a bottle of water (£4.50), a carafe of white wine (£7.50) and a side dish (£5). The above price also excludes a 12.5% service charge which is added on last and is calculated from a full bill (£28 x 2 + everything else you order).

The entree, main and dessert/pudding all had a choice of 4 different dishes. I decided to start with crispy chicken wings in a BBQ sauce. The chicken was cooked nicely and it was crisp, however, we both found the taste itself rather strange and we couldn’t quite pinpoint why.

We continued with a pan fried sea bream, confit duck leg and a mash potato side dish. Both of our main meals were absolutely delicious. My duck was very tender and moist, however, I did miss the crisp skin that usually comes with it (it was instead rather soggy and underwhelming).

We finished with an apple crumble and a caramel mousse, which we both thought was the star of the night. The mousse was absolutely delicious, smooth, not too thick and not too overwhelming.

At the end of the night, we both agreed that the food was good, but you can eat much better for much less in London and I am sure to say, we most likely won’t be returning.

And even though it seems like a cheap eat, we ended up spending £28 just on 2 full glasses of wine, a bottle of water, some mashed potatoes and service.

Safe to say, you have better restaurants out there Gordon…

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