The Greek Ways

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Hey guys!

First of all – million and one apologies. I was really looking forward to posting this article, however I was dragged to see Batman v Superman. I am not getting into an argument again, but for me, that was 3 hours of my life I am never getting back (seriously, don’t bother spending your time and money on this). After that, we basically had to do a bit of admin and pack and then we were off to Amsterdam and then later Barcelona. We (*khm* he *khm*) thought it would be a brilliant idea not to take my laptop, but take the Mac instead. Of course the idea was bestonever, seeing it was made in the stone age, doesn’t read my phone, doesn’t read my camera and has a non functioning screen (literally). 😀

Therefore I was unfortunately unable to post on my blog – however, I was posting a little bit on my Instagram (follow me by clicking on the Instagram feed or Instagram icon on the right). Also, we can easily solve this problem by you following me on my Facebook page 😛 (again, click on the icon in the top right corner). The Facebook site is feeling pretty lonely 🙁 .

Enough with the complaining, thank you so much for making me smile as soon as I logged in – it was really lovely seeing all the comments waiting for me. I still have to go through most of them, as some of them seem to go way back (thank you again <3).

As promised before – a quick summary of the Greek ways. 🙂

1. Drinking water
The water will have a lot of chlorine. Some of it you can drink, but even still, your body is not used to it and will probably not react too well to it. Some islands don’t have drinking water at all (some even have “water days” – the water gets delivered to them). I would recommend always researching the island you are going to first, and then drinking bottled water as you don’t want to ruin your holidays with being sick (<- putting it nicely). Don’t let me scare you though, I’ve had their water lots of times, simply forgetting about it and I was absolutely fine. 🙂

2. Toilet Paper
Any bathroom activity requiring toilet paper will result in the toilet paper being thrown in the bin next to the toilet. That’s right – no flushing the toilet paper.

3. ATM
A lot of people cancelled their holiday to Greece last year because of their economy  and thinking they wouldn’t be able to get cash out – the cash was limited to 50€ per person for Greeks. You can still get money out normally. And what better way to help them with their economy, but to visit?

4. Ferries
Have a look at different sites before you book a ferry – try finding it yourself, as it will be cheaper than booking with an agency. If you end up being a “deck passenger” for that hour or two and don’t feel like burning in the sun, go to the air conditioned cafe and have a 1€ toastie and Frappe coffee. 🙂

5. “Siga Siga”
… translated to “slowly, slowly” perfectly describes the movements of Greek people – hint: slow. They really like to take their time, so never be in a rush. Even if the restaurant is empty, it will take good 5-10 minutes for them to even acknowledge your existence. Time stops in Greece, so stop for a moment and enjoy it. 🙂

6. Transport
Public transport is really cheap – it usually isn’t too often, but it does depend on what island and where on the island you are. It will usually cost you from 20€ a day to rent a quad bike or moped, add a bit on top of that (as little as 5€) and you can get a small car as well. Public transport however will cost you around 1-2€ a ride, but you have to keep in mind they drive like crazy.

And what kind of people are Greeks? They are very proud, family orientated and loving. If you will be kind to them, you will get nothing but kindness in return. 🙂

I hope this helps you and you get to enjoy this beautiful paradise on Earth.

Thank you for reading.


P.S.: Did I forget something? Let me know in the comments! <3


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