Wandering around Ios

It’s our last day of work and we are heading to Amsterdam and Barcelona in 2 days – super excited. B-)  I will try to post as much as I can, but it all comes down to wi-fi. If I don’t get to post anything. I’m sure I’ll post something on Instagram or Facebook. You can now just click on the button on top right corner or under “social me” and it will take you there. There is also an Instagram feed on the right side of the page. 🙂
But before that it’s Ios time (and not the operating system)! 🙂

Ios is one of the Cyclades islands with golden beaches and beautiful sea, mostly known nowadays for it’s crazy nightlife. Once unknown and visited by mostly Europeans, now full of Aussies and Kiwis – which sadly means one thing for us from Europe – prices went up. 🙁

IMG_3438Like I’ve mentioned in the previous post, we went there by ferry. We stayed close to the port, which means you have to walk up way too many stairs to the village (where all the crazy nightlife happens). There isn’t much to Ios, there’s literally the main village and Milopotas beach area (very close to it) and that’s basically it. There’s other beaches, but there’s usually literally 3 houses on the way there. One would think that an island like that is very boring, but that’s far from the truth. As a couple, we didn’t want to stay up in the village, because there’s a nightclub next to a nightclub and we just really wanted some good old, boring, couple time. It’s only a 10 minute walk away though, so it’s perfect for something in  between (quiet time and party).

One thing I haven’t mentioned in my previous post is their toilets – I know this will sound horrible and disgusting, but you’re not allowed to throw the toilet paper in the toilet. So after number 2 you have to wipe and throw it in the bin. It’s very hard to understand for us.

On top of that you will sometimes find an ash tray inside the room – although you’re (in theory) not allowed to smoke inside anymore, the law has gone up in smoke (literally) as the Greeks continue smoking inside most public spaces (bars, restaurants).

Milopotas beach is the main beach – I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty. But it gets very busy and crowded and the water gets all dirty – rent a quad bike and discover the island. It’s gorgeous. Go to Milopotas when you want to go to a nice beach bar, get some cocktails, spend too much money and have fun. But when it comes to beaches – get lost in this beautiful island.


Our favorite beach was the Magganari beach, down South – I’ve never seen water more clear, it felt like swimming in a pool. We both fell in love with it straight away. It was also the beach that was the furthest away – we looked at a map a bit too quick, which lead us to going up a dirt road with a quad bike. Lucky for us, we got insurance, because that bike kept overheating later in the day and I think we were to blame. It was scorching hot and we had to stop every 10 minutes, so check the map well.  Ios has one road – make sure you follow it. The dirt road we ended on however was extremely steep and one of us had to jump off most of the time and push the other one so the bike would get some power. You might be wondering why we didn’t just go back. The road was so bad, we were too afraid to go downhill. 😀 Aaaand… I loved it. I had so much fun, being the biggest kid, giggling and screaming and pretending to do extreme sports. Anyway, back to the beach – there are a few nice tavernas around with Greek food and the sunbeds are really cheap. Like previously mentioned, I used to be a Tour Guide in Greece and I adore their food. I will write more about the Greek food later, I am way too hungry to do it right now.


We also went to Psathi beach and Agios Theodoti. Most of the time we were just getting lost with the quad bike and enjoying the beauties of the island. The only thing we regret not seeing was more historical things – like for example Tomb of Homer that my brother and sister in law visited later that year and it looked amazing. Update: it appears they have taken a photo of something else beautiful and rolled with it, as the Tomb itself is just a stone on top of a hill. 😀
We wanted to visit a few things, but it was extremely hot when we went there and Dave was absolutely sunburnt because of the quad bike (or just life punishing him for wearing those hideous tops). We did have every intention of coming back in 2016 though, so that played a big role in us being lazy and doing it next time.


I loved the village more than I loved Oia in Santorini. The village had beautiful white and blue houses, the people were extremely friendly and there was olive trees and rosemary everywhere. How could one not fall in love?

Thank you for reading,


P.S.: Tomorrow I am posting a quick recap of all the things I would personally do in Greece 🙂

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